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Got Mail?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trip To Reno!

Hi yall! (as Elder Moyle, one of my Zone Leaders, would say--he's from Arkansas :) )

This week has been somewhat eventful--last week on P-Day we did our shopping, went to dinner, & visited a few people. 

Tuesday, we had our weekly District meeting; the other Elders in the District are Elders Siddoway, Moyle, Hall, Santillan, Watson, & Wiley.  We're the only Sisters, and I'm the only greenie (new missionary).  Tuesday was also Elder Siddoway's birthday, & Elder Moyle's birthday was the previous Saturday, so we made a cake for them & had it after our meeting.  We met with Melayna, an investigator in one of the Wards.  Her dad is a member & she wants to be baptized--she knows that going to church, praying, & living the gospel are important and she sets a great example by encouraging her dad to do so.  Can't wait to help her progress toward baptism!  We also met Sean & Beth--Sean is a member & Beth, his wife, is not a member but expressed a desire to be baptized.  We're excited to meet with her more & teach her :)

Wednesday, we split up and Sis. Frost went with a ward member to one area while Sis. Felagai & I went with another member to a different area.  We met several people in that area, mainly ward members. 

Thursday we tried contacting people, but none of them were home.  Later that afternoon, we went on a road trip to Reno/Sparks!!  There was a Leadership Training on Friday, so everyone who is a Zone Leader, District Leader, or trainer had to go and Sis. Frost & I got to go with my trainer, Sis. Felagai & our Leaders on the trip!  We stayed with Sis. Gifford & her trainer overnight and during the leadership meeting on Friday, Sis. Frost, Sis. Overson, & I went tracting with Sis. Nunn in her area (3 greenies & Sis. Frost, haha).  We met a couple people that Sis. Nunn & her companion are teaching, one of them being Steve.  Steve is a funny, sweet guy--he is a member who hadn't been to church since he was 9.  He suffered a neurological disease a few years ago that paralyzed him & damaged his memory a little bit.  At that point, he started praying a lot more for help & strength in his recovery and decided to change his life for the better.  He gradually recovered & walked again, and he loves learning as much as he can about the gospel :)  He has this hope & brightness about him and I know it is a result of him following our Savior--I can't wait to help others experience that awesome change in their lives!!! 

Saturday, we were back home & tried contacting as many people as we could--most weren't home or didn't answer the door, but we did get to visit with the Ray & Howes families and invite them to church.  Their families are awesome :)

Sunday, we did another split--I went with Sis. Frost while Sis. Felagai went with another ward member.  We tried finding & meeting more people, but most still weren't home.  But that's ok!  We have this week to try contacting all those people again :D

That's about it for now--hope all is well with every one of you!

Be strong & faithful because He was!  Take care!

~Sister San Diego

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