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Got Mail?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Be Faithful And Strong Because Christ Was!"

Hey all!

It's my second P-Day!! Pretty much my favorite day of the week other than Sunday, because it allows for time to catch up on writing letters & taking care of errands :)

This past week has been so busy & has flown so fast!!! I can't believe in a little over one week most of my district & I will be gone! Elder Horne leaves 2 days before us Reno missionaries since he is going to South Carolina, and Sister Stewart has to stay for another week because she will train for being a temple visitors center missionary...I wish we could take those two with us...I'll miss them so much!

Our friends from District F have left this morning to go to the Utah Ogden & Idaho Pocatello missions--those Elders were a hoot & we'll really feel their absence this week..! On the bright side, our district gets to host the new missionaries coming imnto the MTC tomorrow!!! So exciting! Hosting means we each get to help a missionary by giving them brief tour, guide them through the MTC, help them gather their class materials, & show them their room. I love service!

Update on teaching: Scott & Damien (two of Sister Moore & my investigators) have made awesome progress! Scott accepted the invitation to be baptized! I know that he can make this change in his life & be so much happier--I'm overjoyed for him! :) Damien is really feeling that learning the lessons is a step in the right direction for him; it is exciting watching them both progress because I know what knowing Christ's gospel can do for them! :D We will meet with both of them a couple more times this week.

Sis. Moore & I have also met with Lawanna, another investigator. We've had a bit of a hard time trying to know her needs through the Spirit's promptings...hopefully things will go better on Thursday when we meet with her again!

Fun stories: last Wednesday was Independence Day (Happy Independence Day, by the way!!) We had a celebration with music & a narration, along with a guest speaker. After that, we all got Magnum ice cream bars & watched the fireworks shooting from the BYU Stadium nearby! It was pretty awesome =D

I love this work & I love being a missionary! I love helping others come closer to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ ^__^ I am so grateful for the opportunity & hope I can be an effective instrument in the Lord's hands in doing His work!

There is so much more I would like to tell you about, but I am again out of time!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is indeed His church, and it is SO TRUE!!!

Love you much!

~Sister San Diego

P.S.--I have found a motto like my brother Elder San Diego! It is partly from a quote by Jeffrey R. Holland, with a bit of my own input. "Be faithful and strong because Christ was."

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