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Got Mail?

Got Mail?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Every Member A Missionary!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow & Wednesday are transfer days!  Transfers are when missionaries get moved around or their areas change.  Sister Frost is getting transferred to Lake Tahoe & she gets to train a new missionary!  Pretty exciting :)  A few others in our District are also getting transferred--life in our District will be interesting without them.  Sister Felagai & I are staying together (I'm still in training) and we still have the same area! :)  We'll miss having Hermana Frost around, but we know that she'll be an awesome missionary out there.

This week hasn't been quite as fruitful as we would've hoped, but with the changes that have happened, I'm determined to do my best to help our companionship do way better this transfer!  We don't have any solid investigators yet, but people are open & welcoming, so that is a definite plus.  We also just need to work on being on the ball with making more appointments & involving members more--members help SO, SO much, you have no idea!! (unless you served a mission).  I hope all of you back home will do something (and be willing!) to help the missionaries in doing the work.  Yes, we as missionaries do this full time, but all of us as members have the responsibility of sharing the joy of living the gospel with others instead of just keeping it to ourselves.  I'll step down from my soap box now, haha.

I love the members here!  I can't wait to see how this transfer goes!  I love you all and hope your lives are great, if not awesome!  Have a righteous week!

Be faithful & strong because He was!

~Sister San Diego

p.s.--I love letters ;)  I will write replies as quickly as possible!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Have Faith And Be Obedient!

Hi everyone!

Sorry about last week, ran out of time

These past 2 weeks have been good--we have 8 investigators total now!  Can't wait to see how they progress!   We finally have a whiteboard for planning, YES!!  We have met with many members of our wards who aren't very active, and I hope to be able to help them feel the love of their Heavenly Father & a desire to "ten fe, y se obediente" as mi hermano would say :)   Some of the non-members we've met have been AMAZING & we have had awesome discussions with them on different gospel topics--I can't wait to see what this next week holds!

We had Zone Conference last week and it was great to hear from President Hermansen, Sister Hermansen, the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, & especially everyone's testimonies :)   I love being here & I love what we're doing!!   Next week is Transfers--I can't believe 6 weeks have almost passed already!   I hope we'll get to stay in this area, but I'll just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Congratulations to Laurynn Pettitt (now Burns) & her new husband!
Congratulations to Jason & Chrissy on finding out it's a girl!
Can't believe Michan & Harrison get married next month already!  So excited!!!

Love you all & I hope only the best for you!

Be strong and faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Even the Sisters learn a thing or two about vehicle maintenance!
Time for Role-playing!  We learn from each other and the spirit is with us.

The Elko Zone Conference
August 15, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Garfield Would Love This Area!!

Hola mis amigos y familia!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby brother MICHAEL!!! Hope you had a great day!!

Random bits: 1) I've never had lasagna so often, and I LOVE it!!  2) my skin has become pretty brown--I have tan lines from my shoes!

This week has been pretty busy; Melayna is going to be baptized in 2-3 weeks & she is progressing awesomely!  Beth has been out of town for the most part, so we haven't met with her much, but we'll continue meeting with her this week.  Other than that, about half of the people we've tried to meet or contact either weren't home or didn't answer the door (bummer), but! the other half have been home & were willing to talk to us, yay!  We continue to receive lots of referrals, so we always have quite a bit of work to do!  We haven't had any new investigators yet, it's a matter of meeting them when they're at home.  Hopefully we'll meet them this week :)  We've met with some families in the wards we cover, and we've had some awesome experiences sharing our testimonies with them--I love when the Spirit is strongly present :)

That's the summary of my week--hope yours has been excellent!  Take care!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

Love you all!

~Sister San Diego