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Got Mail?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"The Spirit Filled The Room!"

Well, it's my last P-Day and my last day at the MTC!!!  SO exciting, yet so sad at the same time!  I've loved my experience here at the MTC--when I was set apart as a missionary, it was mentioned that I would love the MTC so much that I would never want to leave.  Boy was that right, haha!  I haven't completed my last two emails, so I'm going to cram & condense as much as I can into this one!

first week:
-got several DearElder letters from mom, dad, & my friend Aimee--Aimee, thank you so much, I love you, & I am so sorry I haven't written you back yet!!!
-met my District!!  Did I mention how much I LOVE them all?!?!?!
-met my teachers, Bro. Christensen, Bro. Pickett, & Bro. Hainsworth (no, Bro. Pickett is not related to the Picketts from Page Ward.  his family is from Washington) ; they are so awesome and have helped us so much in learning how to study & teach with the Spirit!  It's a little funny & weird calling them Brother [So-&-So], considering they're my age, haha.  Michael Oliver might know Bro. Nate Hainsworth--he served in the same mission & had one of the same companions as Mike
-Met President Hermansen, my Mission President, and other missionaries going to Reno: Elders Linn (from Texas), Bailey (from Spokane), Schembri (from Oregon), & Clark (from Georgia), and Sisters Overson (from Gilbert) & Nunn (from Louisiana).  Also met the 2 Visitors Center Sisters in their District: Sisters Gillespie & Butters.  Their whole District is so funny :)
-met our Zone Leaders, Elder Coleman of Mesa & Elder Broberg of San Diego (the most diligent, mature, studious, obedient, humble, sweet, awesome pair of 19-year olds I've ever met.  Or at least they seem that way, haha.  they're going to be Doctors someday, go figure :) ), and the 4 Sisters in their District--Sisters Hunt, Baantjer (she has the same birthday as me!), Hickman, & Hutcheson.  They are going to Indonesia :)
-met District F, another District in our Zone--they are the ones going to Pocatello & Ogden.  Pocatello: Elders Vigil, Clay, Montes, & Edwards; Ogden: Elders Henderson, Quain, Costello, & Totten.  They were a few doors down from us & were very welcoming :)
-met Branch Presidency :)
-Elder Horne called as District Leader (funny because I felt like it would posssibly be him--he seemed like a leader & example before he was assigned)
-first Sunday here--so nice to have a day to rest :)  everyone here says to "make it to Sunday" despite how overwhelming it can be, and then the rest of the time will fly.  So true!  Loved the temple walk around Provo Temple
-met Scott & Damien, our first investigators.  Both are awesome & have been through so much in their lives; both committed to baptism & I am so proud of them relying on our Savior to overcome their struggles :D
-met & taught Bro. Smith & had an awesome experience with teaching him
-Tuesday Devotional w/ Elder Kikuchi of the 70

second week:
--met the new District in our Zone, and one of the Elders is Elder Figgins from Page Ward!  Their classroom is next door to ours :)
-District F took off for their missions
-Independence Day Celebration
-met Lawanna, another investigator; only got to meet with her twice, then she was out of town this last week.. :/

third week:
--taught a lady named MaryBeth, and I had the most powerful teaching experience EVER.  Sis. Moore & I were answering questions of hers concerning what makes the Church different, and the discussion led to us teaching about the First Vision.  As I told her Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision, the Spirit filled the room so strongly that I felt in every fiber of my being that what I was saying was true. I knew it, and I know that MaryBeth could also feel that it was true just as much as I did.  In her own words, she said she had the feeling of "This is important.  You need to listen to this."   I can't begin to describe how awesome it was to have that experience :)
-we had in-field orientation, cool experience :)
-met Jose & shared with him our testimonies
awesome Sunday Devotional with Jenny Oaks Baker
-Tuesday Devotional with Elder Steuer
-Elder Horne departed for South Carolina Monday morning--we'll miss him very much!
-Elder Cooper & his District left this morning

that's all I have for now!  take care, & I love you all!!

~Sister San Diego

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