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Got Mail?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

"CHOOSE The Right!!"

Hi Everyone!

This week has been pretty good--people are coming to church, we have a new investigator, Annie, & we have been told about a teenage girl who wants to be baptized ASAP!  Talk about miracles!  With Annie, we taught the 1st lesson & will keep teaching her each week.  Can't wait to meet the girl, who I will call Allie.  The work has been getting a little better--I hope that we'll have this whole area busy & ready for next transfer!  Transfers are on Oct. 9th & 10th, and who knows what could happen--I'm sure the area will split, so Sis Felagai & I could be split up, or we might be kept together in one part of our area.  We'll see!

We had to change Melissa & April's baptism dates because we need a little more time to work with them through the lessons, but they are both doing great!  I hope to be close to their area next transfer, because that's when their dates will need to be.

Something awesome from this week was a lesson in church about sacrifice, the main point being "to be a living sacrifice."  Being a living sacrifice means several things: to be giving of yourself, to change the way you live, to give something up for something greater, etc.  But a very good point that the teacher brought up is that it all comes down to CHOICE.  What we are & what we do is all based on the choices we make in our lives.  If we are a living sacrifice, that means we CHOOSE to follow Christ and we CHOOSE to do the things Heavenly Father would have us do, and we CHOOSE to give our time, efforts, and desires to Him.  So with that, I would like for each of you to ask yourselves what choices you are going to make right here, right now.  Will you choose to be better today than you were yesterday?  Will you choose to "come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him"?

I hope that all of you are doing well in all areas of your lives.  Always remember that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you very much & He only wants to bless you & help you, and He can when you willingly follow the Savior's example.  I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Monday, September 17, 2012

Temples - The House of The Lord

Hi All!!

Well, this past week wasn't quite as productive as we would've hoped.  But!  The work has been pretty good in supporting & strengthening members who haven't been active for a while.  We hope to find more nonmembers to teach this week!

I am so excited for my cousin Michan & her soon-to-be hubby Harrison to be sealed for time and all eternity this Friday!!!  I wish I could tell everyone how wonderful the temples are!!!  The temple is such a place of peace & comfort, and so sacred too!  I hope many people will have the opportunity to see open houses of temples & get a glimpse of how special they are!  :)

Sorry this one is short!  Hope all is well with you!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Monday, September 10, 2012

"I'm Here To Be Sister San Diego!!"

Hey Everyone!!

This week, a few people we've been visiting & teaching made it to church yesterday!  I was so happy :)  We have 2 investigators that are set for baptism on the 29th!  I won't be using people's actual names from this point forward, so I will call them Melissa & April.  Melissa is a high schooler who has been so awesome in her determination to live the gospel!  April is a young girl who is SO SMART!  She has a great understanding of what we've taught her so far & she asks awesome questions!  AND she isn't shy to pray!  I LOVE TEACHING KIDS!!!!!

A couple days ago, I said something that really made me think about it: "I'm not here to be Heather San Diego--t."  It partly stemmed from our Zone Meeting & a meeting with President before that.  The main theme was being a disciple of Christ & our commission as missionaries.  We, as Missionaries, are called to be Representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We stand in His place & are here to serve others as He would serve them, do the things He would do, and say the things He would say.  We are here to be dignified servants of the Lord and to act in a manner better than how we were before our missions.  So that is what I meant when I said that, and it has served as a good reminder to me of what I am here for & how I should be each day.

There are a few more awesome insights I would love to share, but I have to run!

Hope things are well on the homefront--take care!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Am A Disciple of Jesus Christ!

Hi all! 

Hope you had a great Labor Day!

This week has been a pretty good one; on Wednesday we had transfers & said bye to Sister Frost, our District Leader Elder Hall, Elder Santillan, & Elder Wiley.  I miss them so much!!!  But! The work must go on! :)  I know they will do awesome in their new areas!  As they got in the transfer van, we got the new missionaries to our zone--3 greenies (Elders Martindale, Cruz, & Fillmore), our new District Leader, Elder Sanft, & another Elder from a different zone, Elder Altamirano.  Now our District has 5 companionships, 4 of which are training!  We had our first District Meeting this morning & Elder Sanft did really well!

After transfers, Sister Felagai & I had an awesome day of proselyting!  Every person we intended to meet & teach that day was home!!  We loved it!  But it was still a little "odd" without Sister Frost around, as she would say, haha.

The rest of the week was ok--lots of meeting people, & a couple days of doing service.  On Sunday, only one of our investigators had been in church which makes me a little sad, but we'll keep teaching & encouraging all of them--all I want is for them to feel the Spirit & more peace in their lives, & the simple "Primary answers" are the way to do it: prayer, scripture study, & going to Church, as well as living the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I hope all of you at home keep those as a constant in your lives.

One more thing--I love 3 Nephi 5:13 ; it is kind of our mission motto: "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."

Take care!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

p.s. to family--so Elder Martindale is from Utah, but he lived in San Tan 1st ward for the past 2 years!  and Elder Sanft is from Laie & he knows Willie!!  small world, huh? :)