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Got Mail?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Nevada Reno Mission Is Official!

Update from the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission Blog:

Today has been a historical day.

As of Sunday, July 1,2012 there is a Nevada Reno Mission.

President Black and I, along with President and Sister Neider of the Nevada Las Vegas Mission, went up north to welcome President and Sister Hermansen to Reno and to pass the baton on to them. There are 73 missionaries from the Las Vegas West Mission and 14 from the Las Vegas Mission that have been called to serve in the Reno Mission.

We are happy to see the missionary work move forward in the northern part of the state of Nevada and are excited for those missionaries who will be serving under their direction.

After spending only a few hours with them we love President and Sister Hermansen and know that the elders and sisters in the mission will love them also. Welcome to the Nevada Reno Mission!

Mission Office
The Hermansen's visiting with a few missionaries before 
walking in to the mission office. 
First things first....get the phones working!
Sisters Black, Hermansen, Neider sharing ideas.
The assistants.....Elder Marks and Elder Sparks
Office Couple .... Elder and Sister Lynn
President and Sister Black - Nevada Las Vegas West Mission
President and Sister Hermansen - Nevada Reno Mission
President and Sister Neider - Nevada Las Vegas Mission

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