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Got Mail?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Bringing People Closer To God And Christ

Hi yall!

We still don't have a ton of investigators yet, but we're working with a few that Sis. Verkist was already teaching & we're visiting several less-active members.  Most of the less-active people that we visit are super friendly!  It's awesome!  :)  We look forward to visiting & working with them more.

Yesterday was a really awesome Sunday because so many recent converts & members returning to activity were there!  That's the simple joy & main reason of being a missionary--seeing so many people come closer to God & Christ and watching the change for the better in their lives :)  One man named Fred who was baptized in January shared his testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  It was his first Sunday back in a few weeks because he had been in the hospital due to a heart attack, pneumonia, and a badly infected foot.  He said he always knew that members of the church were always very kind & giving & cared for one another, but while he was in the hospital he truly experienced & felt the love of the ward & how he really is part of a family.  Sister Verkist afterward leaned over & said to me "And THAT is why we're on a mission."  Amen to that! :)

I know the Church is SO true!  I hope you will also seek to find it out for yourself.

Be strong & faithful because Jesus was, and please pray for my Mum as she has gallstones & may need surgery.

Have a great week!
~Sister San Diego

This is our ward mission leader :)

Service is fun :)

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