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Got Mail?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Gilbert Arizona Mission Announced!

Hola familia,

This last week wasn't too spectacular, but we've been receiving quite a bit of help from members that we've visited, and we did have a couple lessons with investigators this week.  With most of the work being in Elder Belliston & Elder Howarth's area (downtown part of the ward), Sister Verkist & I are just working to get things rolling in this part of the ward.  We have a plan to contact all the less active members on our side & hopefully find more people to teach that way.

Yesterday was Stake Conference (or rather Area Conference) that was broadcasted to all the Stakes in Nevada!  Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer, Ann M. Dibb, Bishop Gary E. Stevenson, & Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke on having confidence in God's promises, love & unity, focusing on real & authentic happiness and relationships, family, priesthood, & the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was awesome :)

In recent news, there will be 58 new missions in the world!!  Two of them are going to be in Gilbert & Scottsdale!!!  :D

The church is true!  

Be strong & faithful because Jesus was :)

~Sister San Diego

Elder Howarth, Sister Verkist, Me &  Elder Belliston

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