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Got Mail?

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hurray For Our Mission Temple Trip!!!!

Hi all!

Things are going good & we're making progress with a lady we are teaching--she has kept all of our appointments this last week, she has quit smoking, & she is just about ready to have a baptism date!  :)

Yesterday was a missionary sacrament meeting--the Elders, our ward mission leader, & us spoke And sang a musical number.  The hymn we sang was There Is a Green Hill Far Away, and with each verse, more & more people were part of the group (Bro. Norton, missionaries, ward missionaries & families of missionaries, then the whole ward).  It was awesome, & beautifully illustrated how when we all work together to do the Lord's work, it is So much better than someone doing it alone.

We had our Mission Temple Trip this last Wednesday & it was so nice in contrast to the super windy snow flurry outside!

Sorry this is another short one; hopefully I'll have a much longer post next time!

Be strong & faithful because the Savior was!
~Sister San Diego

p.s.--please keep praying for my Mom

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