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Got Mail?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Have Faith And Be Obedient!

Hi everyone!

Sorry about last week, ran out of time

These past 2 weeks have been good--we have 8 investigators total now!  Can't wait to see how they progress!   We finally have a whiteboard for planning, YES!!  We have met with many members of our wards who aren't very active, and I hope to be able to help them feel the love of their Heavenly Father & a desire to "ten fe, y se obediente" as mi hermano would say :)   Some of the non-members we've met have been AMAZING & we have had awesome discussions with them on different gospel topics--I can't wait to see what this next week holds!

We had Zone Conference last week and it was great to hear from President Hermansen, Sister Hermansen, the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, & especially everyone's testimonies :)   I love being here & I love what we're doing!!   Next week is Transfers--I can't believe 6 weeks have almost passed already!   I hope we'll get to stay in this area, but I'll just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Congratulations to Laurynn Pettitt (now Burns) & her new husband!
Congratulations to Jason & Chrissy on finding out it's a girl!
Can't believe Michan & Harrison get married next month already!  So excited!!!

Love you all & I hope only the best for you!

Be strong and faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Even the Sisters learn a thing or two about vehicle maintenance!
Time for Role-playing!  We learn from each other and the spirit is with us.

The Elko Zone Conference
August 15, 2012

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