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Got Mail?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference!

Hi all!

A couple crazy announcements:

1) as of Saturday, the minimum missionary age has been changed to 18 for Elders, 19 for Sisters!  So exciting!  Can't wait to have those extra helps in the field!

2) Sister Felagai & I are still together for this transfer & covering part of our area--one ward of ours will be covered by a new set of Sisters--that makes 6 Elders & 4 Sisters in our District, woohoo!

3) Elder Siddoway, one of our Zone Leaders, has been called as the new Assistant to the President!!  (knew it would happen, haha :) )  The current Assistants are Elders Marks, Sparks, & Sohkanen, & the first two go home tomorrow!  I can't believe those 3 months have flown by already!  Elders Marks & Sparks were such awesome examples & I wish them the best as they move on in their lives!  Elder Siddoway is going to be a wonderful Assistant--he is very focused, humble, obedient, and has such a strong testimony.  We'll miss him a lot, but at least we get to see him at Zone Conferences.

4) Elders Watson & Fillmore's area is being placed in a different Zone, so we don't get to have them in our District anymore :(  but congrats to Elder Watson on becoming a District Leader in their new District!  We'll miss them too--hope to see them another time!

5) We get 25 new missionaries tomorrow!  21 Elders & 4 Sisters!

6) Tucson temple was announced!  Yay for AZ!!

I forgot to mention last week that we had a Sister Missionary Conference last Friday--it was so AWESOME!!!  I loved seeing all the other Sisters, especially Sisters Frost, Moore, Overson, Nunn, & it was a great opportunity to meet the new Sisters that came in August!  I loved the things that were shared & I look forward to the next one in March!

We watched General Conference with the Elders at the Stake Center & with Melissa at her house.  I loved the Saturday Morning session so much!!  If you haven't watched General Conference, stop reading this & go to right now!

Among my favorite talks were from Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Dallin H. Oaks, Jeffrey R. Holland, Shayne M. Bowen, & Russell M. Nelson (if you watch Elder Nelson's talk, you'll know why, haha)

This Conference has been amazing--everything that was spoken about is what everyone needs to hear right now.  Common topics were time, family, the Atonement, and what matters most.  Especially pay attention to things that are mentioned more than once--those things aren't repeated just for the sake of saying it.

I would love to elaborate &/or add quotes like my dear younger Elder brother has, but the time is far spent for me to email today, so I encourage ALL of you to watch General Conference!  Please :)  I promise that if you do, you will find a talk that speaks to YOU, that has guidance for your life, that will help you if you will listen to & heed the words of the Prophet, Apostles, & other Church leaders.

Until next week!  Love ya, & so do Jesus & Heavenly Father!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Sister Missionary Conference
We began our fun day with breakfast!  There were lots of 
cooks in the kitchen and we enjoyed every minute of it!
As Sisters in Zion We'll All Work Together!
Lunch at Dickey's
Smile Sisters!

The sisters can't get enough of each other!

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