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Got Mail?

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Monday, October 29, 2012

April Gets Baptized! Hurray!!

Hi Everyone,

Here are my highlights for the week!

In our District Meeting, we got a few new ideas of how we can find more people who are ready to be taught--things have been a little slow lately.

Friday was the Ward's Trunk-or-Treat; a couple we've been working with brought a few nonmember friends with them, and another friend of theirs who is trying to come back to church was there yesterday!

We have been following up with people who used to take lessons from missionaries, and one was a man who I will call Stu.  He is a really good guy & is welcome to us coming to teach him!  Can't wait to see how it goes!

We were able to attend April's baptism, and it was such a privilege to witness it!  She is an awesome girl & I'm so proud of her & her desire to choose the right & help her family :)

Turns out Mike is already a member, & they will be getting married soon!  I am so excited for their family & their goal is to be sealed in the temple on their anniversary!  =D

That's about it for now--take care!

Be strong & faithful because Christ was!

~Sister San Diego

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