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Got Mail?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

"I'm Here To Be Sister San Diego!!"

Hey Everyone!!

This week, a few people we've been visiting & teaching made it to church yesterday!  I was so happy :)  We have 2 investigators that are set for baptism on the 29th!  I won't be using people's actual names from this point forward, so I will call them Melissa & April.  Melissa is a high schooler who has been so awesome in her determination to live the gospel!  April is a young girl who is SO SMART!  She has a great understanding of what we've taught her so far & she asks awesome questions!  AND she isn't shy to pray!  I LOVE TEACHING KIDS!!!!!

A couple days ago, I said something that really made me think about it: "I'm not here to be Heather San Diego--t."  It partly stemmed from our Zone Meeting & a meeting with President before that.  The main theme was being a disciple of Christ & our commission as missionaries.  We, as Missionaries, are called to be Representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We stand in His place & are here to serve others as He would serve them, do the things He would do, and say the things He would say.  We are here to be dignified servants of the Lord and to act in a manner better than how we were before our missions.  So that is what I meant when I said that, and it has served as a good reminder to me of what I am here for & how I should be each day.

There are a few more awesome insights I would love to share, but I have to run!

Hope things are well on the homefront--take care!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

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