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Got Mail?

Got Mail?

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Temples - The House of The Lord

Hi All!!

Well, this past week wasn't quite as productive as we would've hoped.  But!  The work has been pretty good in supporting & strengthening members who haven't been active for a while.  We hope to find more nonmembers to teach this week!

I am so excited for my cousin Michan & her soon-to-be hubby Harrison to be sealed for time and all eternity this Friday!!!  I wish I could tell everyone how wonderful the temples are!!!  The temple is such a place of peace & comfort, and so sacred too!  I hope many people will have the opportunity to see open houses of temples & get a glimpse of how special they are!  :)

Sorry this one is short!  Hope all is well with you!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

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