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Got Mail?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pieces Of Our Testimony Are Like Popsicle Sticks

Hi Everyone!

This week has been pretty good, considering we were without a car!  I don't recommend biking in the winter--it's bloom'in cold!!

Back in September, our car had a not-so-friendly encounter with a coyote, & the coyote ripped out a few cosmetic pieces.  We finally got to take it in for repair last week Monday, and we will get it back either later today or tomorrow (Yay).  In the meantime, we have done a combination of walking, biking, & catching rides w/ members & the other Sister Missionaries.  It was definitely an experience that made the two of us extra grateful for our car!!!  And like my brother ( ), I can say that my mission has had an "impact" on me--I was biking, wrecked on a curb, & hit the top of my knees on the road.  I'm ok & can walk fine, but I now have a nice "battle wound." (Elder San Diego got a baseball-ankle)

Now as I said, despite us being car-less, it was a good week!  Even though a few appointments fell through, we have still met a bunch of people & had some good lessons with those we are teaching!  We also got to help with a service project for a family whose mom recently passed on--that was one of my favorite parts :)

We've been working with 2 brothers, JJ & Chris--they are awesome kids & are really good at reading the Book of Mormon & praying!  We meet with them every night to teach their lessons & read with them.  Their family is awesome :)

Another investigator named Ray came to church with his roommate yesterday!  They really felt that it was good for them to be there, especially on that day

We also are working with several others who are either investigators, part-member families, or people who may be interested in learning more about the gospel--I wish I could tell you about each of them, but I am running out of time!  I will let you know more about them next week :)

The work is good, the people are great, & I hope to serve my calling as best as I can while here!

Yesterday, Sis. Michaud & I had the opportunity to speak in church--our topics were about why Jesus Christ was born & why He was born in the circumstances He was, and about the shepherds & the wise men coming to see the Baby Jesus, & how we can relate their story to us.

I chose the latter topic & related us to the shepherds & wise men, the star to the Gospel, & the angels to prophets, including several other traits of those people & ways we can come to/find Christ as they did.  I will see about taking my notes & actually writing them into a talk for my family to post.

On Friday, we had a visit from our Mission President & Mission Mom, Pres. & Sis. Hermansen.  Sis. Hermansen gave a nice lesson on how pieces of our testimonies are like Popsicle/craft sticks--the more pieces we have, the stronger they are together & the more difficult it is to break our testimonies.

I encourage you all to continue building your testimonies, even if it's about one principle of the gospel at a time!  I promise that when you do, you will have greater spiritual strength & you will know the truthfulness of the gospel even more!

Hope all is well with you & that you are having a good week!

Be strong & faithful because He was!

~Sister San Diego

Sis. Michaud & Sis. San Diego


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